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Savour the flavours of Cuba food

Delicious shredded beef and vegetables braised in a flavorful sauce made with bell peppers, onions, that resemble a heap of colorful rags. From the Spanish term for “old clothes”, this is one of Cuba’s most popular and beloved dishes. Ingredients: Garlic, tomato, cumin, lime, oregano and salt.

Ropa Vieja.....$24.99

Served with Maduros, White Rice, Creamy Coleslaw & Cuban Mojo

_MG_0005.CR2 (1024x718).jpg

Typically, only made with with chicken, butter, and soy sauce. Fall off the bone chicken dish, influenced by the Chinese laborers that migrated to Cuba beginning in the 1850s.

Pollo Barbacoa.....$22.99

Served with Maduros, White Rice, Creamy Coleslaw & Cuban Mojo


Citrus Marinated Slow Roasted Pork, Topped With Caramelized Onions, Cuban Mojo and BBQ Sauce

pulled Pork.....$15.99

Served with Creamy Coleslaw & Cuban Mojo

arroz imperial 2.jpg

Layers of Saffron Rice, Sofrito Chicken, and Cheese.

House Salad, Chopped Romaine with Crisp  Toasted Nuts, Green & Mango

Imperial Rice.....$24.99

Served with Maduros,Our House Salad Recipe & Cuban Mojo Side



This Cuban sandwich features oven-roasted pork, ham, cheese, mustard, and pickles on toasted bread.

Sandwich Cubano.....$16.99

Served with our Delicious Home Salad


The Cuban roast of slow-roasted cumin -scented juicy pork surrounded with crisp, crackling skin, is the perfect centerpiece for a special-occasional meal. Rub with seed, oregano, lemon pepper, garlic, and onion

Puerco Asado.....$26.99

Served with Maduros, Moros & Yuca (casava) & Mojo


Yuca with Cuban Mojo.......$6.99

Moros y Cristianos......$ 4.99

White Rice........$3.50



Black Beans Soup....$4.99

Add Sides.....$/pp

The Traditional Cuban-Style 


Cuban Salad Salad.......$8.99

A blend of green and crisp iceberg lettuce with carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes & Avocados

House Salad ........$7.99

 Chopped Romaine with Crisp  Toasted Nuts, Green & Mango

Cuban-Style coleslaw......$4.95

withs olive oil and limon

Fresh Salads.....$/pp

All Salads are served with our homemade dressing



Croquetas Platters......$1.75/ pp

Cuban Pasta salad......$4.99/pp

Potatoes Salad.....$4.99/pp

 Ropa vieja pinwheels.....$1.50

Bolitas de Carne(meatballs)..$1.00

Bocadito de Pasta.....$2.00

(Sandwich Spread)

Fiesta Platers.....$/pp

All  Cuztomized to Taste

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